What inspires and moves me,
leads to a change,
to a transformation,
to a creative process?
Nothing stays the way it is.
Change is the only constant.

    Inspiration – Movement – Transformation

    As a coach I move people.
    As coach and photographer I inspire people with their own images.
    As a photographer I transform the seen into something new, to take the observer to new looks and to simply reproduce this magnificent world.

    I will gladly take you on a trip into my world … let yourself be surprised.
    I am glad of your visit to my website and youmaking contact with me.



    As a coach, I accompany you on your way to answer important questions, to look at stuck situations from a new point of view and to develop new options for action. You will learn to use your full potential to confidently tackle daily challenges with a new perspectives.


    Coaching through Photography

    Self-acceptance is the basis for a contented and balanced life. With old, current and new photos of yourself,  together with me as your coach, you will get to know and accept yourself from another side and thus become stronger and more confident in expressing your personality.



    Out of love for the beauty of our precious world and for the love of the people I meet, I like to photograph with passion. With this I capture colors and shapes, emotions and moments in pictures.


    Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching
    Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching
    Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching
    Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching
    Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching
    Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching

    Why choose Giulietta Bresadola?

    I have been where you are!

    • Personal life experience
      • 57 years old
      • Growing up in two cultures (Swiss and Italian)
      • Long-standing relationships
      • Separation / divorce
      • Traveling to more than 50 countries (as a couple or individually)
      • Constant search for the great answers to lead a life in which I feel comfortable and can serve my next one.
    • Professional life experience
      • 25 years as a teacher (age 4  to adulthood)
      • 8 years in teacher training
      • 2 years as director of primary school
      • Made several decisions that changed my life from the ground up
    • ACTP Coach of International Coach Federation
    • 20 years of spiritual practice with Vipassana Meditation and Yoga
    • Intuitive, transparent and humanistic way of working
    • Creative, positive and resource-oriented thinking
    • Regular training on personal issues (mindfulness, sexuality, femininity, meditation, yoga, …)
    • Communicative skills in 6 languages (G, E, Sp, It, Fr, SwG)


    Giulietta is a coach because I presume that she was born for it. In it, she discovered her destiny, a place where you will feel comfortable and where she will lead you to where you need to go. It opens doors for you and you pass them, for sure. Her look is inexorable and lovely at the same time. She accompanies. I am very grateful to have met her on my way and to have shared it with her for a while .... I recommend anyone who needs a shake to awaken their full potential or the one decisive step to overcome any obstacle that prevents you from going on with ease. Because, although we know it is there, sometimes we all need that light that guides us when we can not see with clarity. Thank you Giulietta
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    M. V.
    Giulietta was our son's teacher for two years. She accompanied him very well, inspiring him to reach theset goals and supported him with cordiality whenever necessary. The experience with her as a parent was very profitable, with an open and lovable way, always positive. We wish you, Giulietta, good luck in this new and exciting adventure.
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    F. und D.
    I had two coaching sessions with Giulietta. In both we worked on different topics and I was very satisfied after both sessions. Giulietta has a wonderful job presence, because I felt listened in every moment and she encouraged me to go further. She helped me to look at both topics with a different perspective and to become more aware of certain points. And all of that is special, considering that I am someone who already has done a lot of self inquiring work behind me and who likes to go into depth. I came out of the sessions with a strong sense of empowerment and determination, and I can feel how this work is still having its effect. I can say that at that time a seed was planted which still sprouts and thrives, and now just 10 months after the first session, I am aware of certain key moments as well as some guiding ideas that Giulietta gave me. I highly recommend working with her.
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    M. P. R.
    In a moment of great change for the whole family and the need to adapt, Giulietta, as our daughter's teacher, helped us find a fine balance between effort, overcoming, frustration and motivation. She is a great observer and has an extraordinary ability to listen. Giulietta's experience was very important in order to succeed in this stage. Thank you Giulietta, we recommend you very much.
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    L. und A.
    FotoCoaching was a fun and liberating experience. You can discover hidden aspects of your personality. It allowsan access to your inner world. It releases your emotions.
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    B. R.

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