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About me

On my way I have learned that it is worthwhile to follow one’s own truth. I also learned that we can start at any time. With what we have, with what is right now.

I started myself in 2018. I followed my heart’s call and started my own business with coaching, FotoCoaching and photography. With my different offers I invite you to pause in everyday’s life and to get in touch more and more with yourself.

Why choose Giulietta Bresadola?

I have been where you are!

  • Personal life experience
    • 57 years old
    • Growing up in two cultures (Swiss and Italian)
    • Long-standing relationships
    • Separation / divorce
    • Traveling to more than 50 countries (as a couple or individually)
    • Constant search for the great answers to lead a life in which I feel comfortable and can serve my next one.
  • Professional life experience
    • 25 years as a teacher (age 4  to adulthood)
    • 8 years in teacher training
    • 2 years as director of primary school
    • Made several decisions that changed my life from the ground up
  • ACTP Coach of International Coach Federation
  • 20 years of spiritual practice with Vipassana Meditation and Yoga
  • Intuitive, transparent and humanistic way of working
  • Creative, positive and resource-oriented thinking
  • Regular training on personal issues (mindfulness, sexuality, femininity, meditation, yoga, …)
  • Communicative skills in 6 languages (G, E, Sp, It, Fr, SwG)

Let’s get social


  • Location Zürich: Krähstelstrasse 14, 8107 Buchs ZH
  • E-mail:

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