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My coaching philosophy

As a coach I accompany you on your path so you can answer important questions, so you can look at stagnant situations with a new look and develop new possibilities of action. You learn to exploit your potential, to be able to address daily challenges with self confidence and with a new perspective.

Change your perspective.

Change your perspective

Discover the potential that is in you.
Discover new possibilities in your life.
Discover life again.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a way of working that differs from therapies in that the client, with his concerns, finds in the coach a neutral counterpart at eye level.

The coaching sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the client. Individual solution strategies and a goal-oriented action plan are worked out together and the client is accompanied in the execution. No advice is given or questions answered.

The client himself is an expert on the subject and with the help of the coach he can rediscover his own talents and possibilities. This route can be exhausting and requires a lot of personal responsibility and the willingness to leave the comfort zone, which has become more compact over the time. The coaching helps to find the strength to go the new way, to gain strength and self-confidence, to change your own action repertoire.

The duration of a sequence of coaching sessions is limited in time because the goal of a coach is to become superfluous.

What does coaching bring you?

The goal is to awaken the dormant potential within you and therefore allow you to develop more awareness and self-confidence to get out of stuck bahaviour patterns, to make long-term decisions, to improve your communication skills and much more.

The coaching process is not a walk in the park. You will approach sleeping emotions,analyze the reasons for your behavior and learn to understand many things that were hidden for so long. All of this can be painful, but the consequent relief will produce a noticeable positive change. Your courage, stamina and determination will be rewarded.

Reasons to start a coaching process?

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Everyone has the right to be happy.

Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching

Through Empowerment to your true strength

Giulietta Bresadola FotoCoaching, Fotografie, Coaching

Leaving your comforzone


Prerequisites of the client

Basically, you have to be willing to get involved into the coaching process. This means that we question patterns of behavior, that you apply self-criticism and want to get to the bottom of things with honesty and consistency. The willingness to change is the basis on which personal responsability is built. In addition to that, we must ensure absolute, mutual transparency and secrecy during the coaching process to the outside world. It goes without saying that the client has to come to the coaching sessions on time. At the end of the sessions, the client gives the coach a feedback about the session.

Prerequisites of the coach

As a coach, I offer a confidence-building framework for the intensive process. I will mirror your behavior, give you feedback or express my own sensations about the narrative. I commit myself to complete secrecy and with regard to what is discussed in the session.

As a coach, I offer no solutions and give no advice, but I appeal to the self-responsibility of the client, because he or she has the potential to master the situation. I will question habits, points of view or even attitude to life. I will ask, you will have to find the answers.

How does coaching work with me?

In a first contact I offer you a free first call via Skype or by phone. The point is that I know approximately what concerns you and that we agree on a first action plan.

If it comes to a cooperation, we will sign together a coaching contract. In the contract it is recorded, what our rules of the game are. It is also important to set the approximate number of coaching sessions because we always work goal-oriented.

In individually designed sessions of about 1.5 hours duration, we will get closer to your concerns in discussions and exercises. In the case that you are parents, either both of you can be there or one at a time. This depends on the situation.

In the coaching sessions you develop, with my support, realistic solution strategies that you can implement yourself. I will accompany you in the implementation.

It may be that you get "homework" after a coaching session. This can be observing your own behaviour, the implementation of a new way of behaving or doing an exercise. In the following session we will examine if and how it worked.

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